Health Management


Since 2002 Nouvelle Health has provided a wide variety of cutting-edge nutritional supplements to its many customers. To see the products in our current catalog go to our on-line store by clicking on the “Store” button.

Nouvelle Health has been actively engaged in the research and development of new and exciting health management products. Metabolic dysregulation and the health issues associated with it is a major challange in our culture today. Consequently Dr. Griffith, the founder of Nouvelle Health, has made creating formulas and selecting products that target metabolic management one of the primary goals in his research and in the development of new products.

Dr. Griffith has completed clinical trials on a new product that is totally unique and extremely effective for metabolic management.  It is based on increasing the body’s own natural energy and metabolic regulating chemistries T2 and AMPK … the very substances that increases your ability to burn fuel for energy production.

Our newest energy and metabolic management product is MetaRx. This unique product is only available through Nouvelle Health and can be purchased from our on-line store.


MetaRx.  Improve your overall energy levels without the jangle of caffeine or the heart palpitations and elevated blood pressure of stimulants. Nouvelle MetaRx promotes smooth, clean, calm energy without keeping you awake at night. Nouvelle MetaRx works by increasing energy production in the Mitochondria, stimulating the efficient burning of fuel.

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