Customers & Preferred Buyers

Start as a Nouvelle Customer and become a Preferred Buyer

If you are interested in great product discounts without the bother of signing up as a distributor and selling products, Nouvelle Health has a great opportunity for you!  Sign-up as a Nouvelle customer and ask your Nouvelle Health Distributor to sign you up as a Preferred Buyer.  As a Preferrred Buyer you can receive 10% across the board discounts for purchase of Nouvelle Health products.    
Benefits for Nouvelle’s Preferred Buyers
  • Guaranteed Savings! As a Nouvelle Preferred Buyer you will receive a 10% discount on all products purchased
  • Secure on-line purchasing. Use your credit card for secure payments.
  • Priority service. You can contact us anytime with questions or other inquiries. The best option for contacting us is by email. Send your questions or inquiries to

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