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Welcome to the all-new Nouvelle Health. 


      NouvelleHEALTH, Inc. was founded by Dr. Lester Griffith in August of 2002.  Dr. Griffith, co-founder of Bastyr University, and one of the first doctors to advocate for science-based Natural Medicine has spent his whole career in Patient Care, Research and Development, and in formulating the highest quality natural health products available.  Nouvelle Health has taken great pride in the many products that have been developed by Dr. Griffith.    










MetaRx is a powerful metabolic tool that improves the body’s ability to manufacuture energy by increasing the ability of the energy producing organelles (mitochondria) to burn fuel, increase insulin sensitivity, and improve muscle performance.   

Why Nouvelle Health?

* Premium cutting edge health products 
* Competitive pricing
*  Science Based natural health products 

Products designed and created by Dr. Les Griffith, an acknowledged leader in science based natural products
Nouvelle Health’s Life Changing, Health Enhancing Products 

Nouvelle Health offers you a variety of nutritional products at very competitive prices

Business opportunity

Nouvelle Health offers a business opportunity second to none in the industry.  For an terrific income opportunity investigate becoming a Nouvelle Health Distributor 

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