Training and Support


The Distributor Center

The Distributor Center is the “back office” area of our website accessible to Distributors with a unique login and password provided at the time you sign up. The Distributor Center provides business forms, product research and information and announcements. It’s also your resource for keeping track of personal and down-line sales as well as a feature that enables you to email everyone in your down-line quickly and easily. With a calendar feature highlighting upcoming company events and the ability to order product, the Distributor Center has everything you need to run your business.
Nouvelle Health is an organization built on the premise of people helping people and all of us helping each other. As a Distributor, you will have access to our Corporate support staff as well as your up-line and cross-line Distributors to help you process your first orders and get started in the business.  As you develop questions or want to better understand your business, know that all of us are here to help.  We are only a phone call or an email away. Give us a call and let us help you be successful!

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