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Congratulations! You’ve just become a Nouvelle Health Distributor.  That’s terrific! We at Nouvelle Health welcome you to the company and to what we hope will be a long lasting and prosperous relationship. You may be asking, now what? If you’re asking that question, you’re probably new to Network Marketing. Welcome aboard! If you are new to Network Marketing then you should know that your up-line and cross-line Distributors are there to teach you everything you need to know.  There are hundreds of ways to approach and run your business and they will help show you how success happens. You can find books, CD’s, DVD’s, seminars, webinars and conventions completely dedicated to training you in achieving success in this business. What is so appealing about our business is its flexibility and boundless possibilities.


But let’s begin with the basics. You first have to develop a network. A network is an interconnected system of people made strong with time and trust. Marketing is the process of promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. Nouvelle Health offers both product in our line of supplements and service in the business opportunity we provide.

So Network Marketing is the process of selling within a group of people whom you’ve gained trust with. It therefore makes perfect sense when embarking on a Network Marketing opportunity to start with those who are already within your personal network; your friends and family. Just being your friends and family won’t guarantee that they’ll be interested in what you have to offer, but we think it’s a good way to start for a few reasons:

  • First, selling to friends and family is a good way to practice your sales pitch (where you explain the benefits of the product or service you’re offering). You are at the core of your circle of friends and family and they are in your immediate sphere of influence. Your family and friends care about you, your well-being and your success and as such will be open to hear what you have to say, particularly if it’s something you’re passionate about.
  • Second, selling to family and friends creates a solid foundation to your network. Each family member has their own set of friends. Each friend has their own set of family members and additional friends. If you start with an honest, authentic, connected manner with each contact it will build a solid base for your downline to grow from.
  • Finally, selling to your friends and family feels good! You’ll provide top line, high quality weight loss products and vitamin supplements and for those who are interested, an opportunity to make extra money with their own business.


Learning how to sell something effortlessly can take time of course, but at the core of making a sale is convincing someone to believe what you are telling them. This ability comes from experience with the product and having a passion for it. The experience helps you answer their questions and the passion communicates the honest conviction you have about the product.

Think about when you tell someone about a new restaurant you thought was great or a movie you saw that was outstanding. Your enthusiastic review of these things is a type of “sell” (except that you usually don’t get a commission from the restaurant or movie studio!). This ability to talk naturally about the product as if you’re just recommending a great movie is the place you want to get to when selling Nouvelle products.

There’s a few ways to do that, but the most effective for someone learning to sell is to gain personal experience with the product. You can do this either by taking the product yourself or knowing someone you trust who is taking the product. There’s a saying in the MLM industry “Be a product of the product” and it means simply that it’s easier to recommend a movie you’ve actually seen. But you’ve probably also watched a movie based only on a friend having heard that a movie was good…even if that friend hadn’t seen the film themselves! This is the strength of Network Marketing and it depends on the trust you develop with your network. If you have people you trust taking a particular product that gives that product a strong review, you can use that information to sell it to others even if you don’t take that product yourself. So develop personal experience with the product.

As with all things, learning to sell something takes practice. As easy as it is for us to describe selling product like reviewing a movie, the actual process can be tricky the first few times. Take advantage of your friends and family network as you first learn how to sell product. Working through this with friends and family allows you to stumble and learn in a very casual and supportive environment.

When you’re ready to go to the next level, we’ll be there to provide you with additional training or at the very least give you a list of those recommended books, CD’s and DVD’s.



Building up your downline both in width (the amount of Distributors directly below you) and depth (the amount of Distributors under your Distributors under their Distributors and so on until 8 levels deep) can be a powerful way to dramatically increase your commission amounts.

Similar to selling product, we recommend you first approach people in your circle of friends and family. You might also notice that customers happy with the product will approach you. A customer of yours may be talking casually about their product experience and find they have a group of potential customers for themselves. Helping this customer become a Distributor is helping yourself as it opens up new areas of potential profit!

When describing the benefits of becoming a Distributor, feel free to use the Distributor Info section of the website during your pitch. This area provides an overview of what Nouvelle Health offers people interested in starting a business and using this as a visual guide can make the process easier to explain to them. Remember to highlight that Distributors buy products at discounted prices, receive their own web portal for easy online sales, have the option of a one-time Business Builder purchase, receive a competitive commission plan and are therefore able to make an extra income with limited effort. In short, tell them all the reasons you were attracted to becoming a Nouvelle Distributor!

To sign up a new distributor have them click on the “Distributor Sign Up” button at the top of the page, then follow the instructions for signing up as a distributor.


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