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What is an MLM?

MLM stands for “multi-level marketing” and is also known as “network marketing”. Simply put, an MLM involves direct selling of products to customers through a chain of independent marketing representatives (also known as Distributors). An MLM does not have a store front and Distributors are not salaried employees of the company, but earn a commission on the products they sell and the products their downline sells. A downline is the group of Distributors working under a Distributor and the upline is the Distributor’s sponsor, the sponsor of that sponsor and so on. Because the Distributor makes commission on the sales of the downline, it is in their interest to ensure success throughout their downline. In this way, an MLM is similar to a corporate entity.

The Big Confusion About MLM

A multi-level marketing program is not a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is identifiable by a lack of product or anything of actual value. A Distributor in a pyramid scheme is required to make a payment in which they receive nothing of actual value except the ability to collect similar payments from their downline. In an MLM all money made is made only when product is sold. If the way to make money is by the downline’s investment of money without an exchange of something of value, this is probably a pyramid scheme and it’s illegal.
Our MLM program is not a pyramid scheme. We have a line of products that have inherent value that a Distributor may sell at a profit directly to the customer. A Distributor does not have to invest large sums of money and they are not even required to recruit large amounts of people to their downline to make money. Though our business model is structured in such a way to encourage downline growth, a Distributor can do very well simply developing a retail-type business.


Nouvelle Distributorships – A Great Way to Help People and Make Money!

Are you interested in becoming a NouvelleHEALTH Distributor? Whether part-time or full-time you can make a significant change to your income by joining our network of natural health professionals. The great thing about being a Nouvelle Distributor is that you are helping people become more healthy and happy while building a healthy income and lifestyle for yourself.
As a NouvelleHEALTH Distributor you can choose to keep things simple and sell products directly to consumers or build your network of downline associates to create the business of your dreams. Unlike other network marketing organizations, NouvelleHEALTH does not impose any requirements to buy our products in order to maintain your distributorship. You do not pay a fee to sign up and there is not annual maintenance fee.  All we require for sign up is for you to fill out the Distributor Application and purchase just one bottle of Nouvelle Meta Rx at the distributor wholesale price.
The qualification for receiving a commission check each month is to have a PV (“personal volume”) of at least $70.  That’s only one bottle of our new weight loss product, Nouvelle Meta Rx, purchased at the distributor wholesale price. However, if you want develop a strong down-line and increase you personal income you will need to recruit other distributors as well as selling product yourself.
Most Distributors have there minimum personal volume requirement covered by auto-shipping (a monthly “automatic” shipment), an amount of product that covers the minimum amount so they never have to worry about it. As many of our Distributors are “products of the product” this auto-ship is simply their personal supplement order.
NouvelleHEALTH Distributors are positioned for success, offering the very best in natural health products and receiving a significant monthly income as a result. Be your own boss and enjoy the flexibility and lifestyle you have always wanted. We have an obtainable and competitive compensation program while providing an opportunity to grow your business, build a team and maximize your income. Make your mark in an industry ripe for committed individuals who want to take control over their financial futures.
The sky is the limit. You can maintain your distributorship as a great way to make extra income, or turn it into your primary career. It takes only about 10 minutes, so click on the link below to get started on your way as a Nouvelle Distributor!
Sign up today or contact us today to learn more about this great opportunity.  425 625 1402 or info@nouvellehealth.com.

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