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Become a Nouvelle Preferred Buyer

If you are interested in great product discounts without the bother of signing up as a distributor and selling products, Nouvelle Health has a great opportunity for you!  As a Nouvelle Preferred Buyer, you can receive 15% across the board discounts for purchase of Nouvelle Health products.  Now, with no obligation to sell products, you can receive the Preferred Buyer discount by signing up as a Nouvelle Preferred Buyer.  To receive the discount you must sign up for auto-ship and purchase at lest $50 per month or a total of $600 per year.  Become a Preferred Buyer now and start benefiting right away.  
To become a Preferred Buyer ask your Nouvelle Health distributor about the program or call: (702) 617-7885 or you can email us at:
Over the past years while operating our Company we have found that there are many individuals who would like to receive Nouvelle Health products at discounted pricing but are not interested in building a distribution business of their own. Consequently Nouvelle Health has come up with an innovative new option that fills that specific need called the Nouvelle Preferred Buyers program.

Benefits for Nouvelle’s Preferred Buyers

  • Guaranteed Savings! As a Nouvelle Preferred Buyer you will receive a 15% discount on products purchased when logging on to the Nouvelle Health on-line shopping cart using your Preferred Buyer Customer ID and Password.
  • Auto-ship benefits. Sign up for the Nouvelle Health monthly auto-ship program and your purchases will be shipped to you without shipping charges.  The auto-ship program processes your monthly order automatically each month. Your order will be processed and shipped to you on the specified date that you have selected.
  • Time savings! In addition to saving dollars you will have significant savings of your precious time by using auto-ship and ordering on-line instead of at your local health food or other type of store.
  • Additional savings! We waive any membership fee when you sign up as a Preferred Buyer plus as long as you maintain the purchase requirements for Preferred Buyers we will any annual membership fees.  All you have to do to maintain your status as a Nouvelle Preferred Buyer is have annual purchases averaging $50.00 per month (a total of $600 per year) or more.
  • Secure on-line purchasing. Use your credit card for secure payments.
  • Free product catalogs. All available Nouvelle Health products will be listed with our on-line shopping cart. However, if you desire a hard copy of our product catalog please contact us by phone at (702) 617-7882 or by email at and specify if you would like a copy emailed to you for printing or sent to you through the US Postal Service. Include your mailing address in your email.
  • Priority service. You can contact us anytime with questions or other inquiries. The best option for contacting us is by email. Send your questions or inquiries to

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