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If you are interested in the very best health-issue focused nutritional products available … many that have previously been restricted to doctor’s prescription only … at the best prices anywhere, come look at us at Nouvelle Health! If you see a business opportunity in selling the “best of the best” nutritional supplements with an exciting and generous new commission plan, come look at us at Nouvelle Health!
Hi Everyone
I just wanted to write a note to those of you who were previous customers of Nouvelle Health and to say thank you for having been a part of us.
Nouvelle Health has languished for the past several years while I, although not totally ignoring Nouvelle, pursued my other identity as Chief Medical Officer and Head of Research and Development for another nutritional company.
I have decided that my first love … Nouvelle Health … needs me more than any of the other companies and with that in mind, have jumped whole-heartedly back and have totally re-vamped Nouvelle Health from the ground up. Entirely new products that used to be the exclusive domain of doctors only are now available to you. New programs like Preferred Buyers who get a 20% discount off products without becoming Nouvelle Distributors, to an entirely new Distributor Commission plan that allows you to change how you get paid so that you can take full advantage of the magic of networking.
We have even added a lab feature that allows you to test for a whole range of things from hormones to adrenal function. These labs are in a format that allows you to take the results to your health care provider to read or to have our doctors help you understand them with our new Talk to the Doc feature.
Take a look at us again! I think you will be happily surprised at the wide array of new products, new features, and a whole new compensation plan. So whether you just want to buy the very best products available with no obligation, or see a business opportunity, come join us!
Dr. Lester Grifith

Dr. Lester Grifith

Dr Lester E Griffith

President, CEO, and

Chief Medical Officer


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