Understanding Body Chemistry & Functions

For more than 30 years, Dr. Les Griffith has been at the forefront of the Research and Development of science-based nutritional supplements. He continues his work as head of Nouvelle Health because of the profound affect its products have had on people’s lives. From some of the most advanced nutritional supplements on the market, and continuing with on-going innovations, Nouvelle Health maintains its pre-eminent place in the nutritional industry.  MetaRx is the most exciting and effective energy and weight loss product we have seen in many years.   Nouvelle Health exists to make a difference with products that really work.

Nouvelle Health relies on advanced pharmaceutical research along with a mix of Eastern and Western herbal philosophies to discover and develop new and evermore potent combinations of nutritional and herbal supplements.  The results are notable advancements in the areas of weight loss, hormone imbalance and regenerative health regimes.



Research That Went Into the Development of MetaRx

For example, Brown Seawead, a food source long used in Asian cultures, contains the active principle Fucoxanthin, which has powerful Thermogenic and Fat Burning abilities. Combined with Green tea extract … also a known thermogenic and weight management botanical and L-Thyronine which can increase energy production and fat burning ability by up to 130%, MetaRx has become an excellent weight management product without the jitters, palpitations, elevations of blood pressure, or insomnia produced by the stimulant weight loss products.

Our research into an isolated ingredient in Brown Seaweed known as Fucoxanthin, uncovered its impressive ability to suppress appetite, promote burning of stored fat, and to lower calorie intake. Combined with the other amazing ingredients, MetaRx has become perhaps the most effective weight-loss product on the market today.








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